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Pantechnik customers have live carrier compliance with over 180 carriers and forwarders worldwide.

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We build global shipping solutions

Our solutions are more than just software. Pantechnik’s platforms provide supply chain visibility for enterprise customers around the world.

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We love complexity

However complex your global supply chain, Pantechnik delivers effective compliance and visibility.

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140,987 packages shipped using

180 carriers to

29 countries

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How GSA works

GSA’s integrated shipping solution helps global enterprises to optimise transportation, managing multiple carriers on one platform and offering a complete view of shipping from warehouse to customer.

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DB Schenker:
A Case Study

Niels Troost, Business Development Manager at DB Schenker tells how Pantechnik's solutions have helped DB Schenker to improve processes, reduce costs and offer their client's end-to-end visibility and multi-carrier management.

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Transportation management software delivering business-critical multi-carrier shipping solutions for corporate clients throughout the world.

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  • UPS announces “sweeping transformation of network”
    UPS chairman and CEO David Abney has announced that the company is planning a "sweeping transformation" of its network....
    Source: Post & Parcel
  • Cumbrian Signmaker Ast Signs Establishes Warrington Base
    Cumbrian signage and transport branding firm Ast Signs is expanding south with a new site in Warrington. The Penrith-headquartered company’s new facility in Cheshire will offer fittings, consultations, corporate meetings and appointments for clients in the county and surrounding areas. Ast Signs said it chose Warrington for the city’s proximity to key...
    Source: Transport & Logistics Magazine
  • BuildDirect opens up platform for home delivery of heavyweight goods
    BuildDirect has announced that third parties can now use its Gateway service, which it describes as an "open platform for anywhere-to-the-home delivery of heavyweight goods"....
    Source: Post & Parcel
  • Amazon launches Restaurant Delivery in Las Vegas
    Amazon has launched its Restaurant Delivery service in Las Vegas - so Prime members in the Nevada resort city can now order meal deliveries from more than 100 participating restaurants....
    Source: Post & Parcel
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    Palletline buys another member
    Palletline has bought another of its members, Herefordshire-based road haulage company ABE, following the retirement of its founder Andy Boyle OBE. The pallet network also bought member Mike Watson in September last year after its owner sold the business. The company also acquired its member S&S Distribution in 2015. Palletline is not...
    Source: Logistics Manager
  • true
    HGVs not to blame for pot-holes, says RHA
    The RHA has rejected Local Government Association (LGA) claims that pot-hole levels are “likely to surge” due to an increase in the number of HGVs. The LGA said that the “heavier the vehicle, the more pressure is likely to be exerted on road surfaces, causing them to crumble quicker and...
    Source: Logistics Manager

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